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Medical record reviews are an important part of the processes involved in personal injury, medical malpractice, nursing homes, worker compensation, and mass tort cases. Outsourcing medical record review helps improve the effectiveness and precision of medical records for companies. Lawyers and medical professionals can better serve their clients when their documentation is organized. By providing a thorough and comprehensive medical record review, legal teams may save a significant amount of time in trial preparation by having all the information they need at their fingertips.

Medico Legal Request LLC is an expert medical record review services company. We ensure that our medical record services will be provided by qualified professionals while maintaining complete transparency, data security, affordability, and quality assurance.


Outsourcing Medical Record Review Services

Medical record review outsourcing is assigning the responsibility of examining and interpreting medical records to outside parties. It provides advantages including enhanced accuracy, cost savings, specialized expertise, and higher efficiency. Our 24/7 dedicated offshore facilities in India enable us to provide high-quality medical record review outsourcing services at the most affordable costs.


Medical Record Review Services We offer

Our services include -

Medical Case Chronology: The medical case chronology is a crucial component of the documentation for the medical record review as it provides a chronological timeline of all medical processes, including consultations, surgeries, other treatments, discharge, etc.

Drafting Settlement Letter: A strong demand letter can help you achieve an often-elusive pre-litigation settlement. The purpose of the Demand Letter in personal injury claims is to offer information concerning the incident, injuries, medical care, and medical expenditures in order to persuade the insurance carrier to settle the claim.

Narrative Summary Services: A medical narrative summary presents the sequence of events in a patient's medical history. They assist an attorney with evaluating a case, negotiating a settlement, preparing for a deposition, or preparing for trial.

Deposition Summary Services: As a deposition summary services company, we provide an objective, clear, and concise summary of the key points from a deposition transcript. Deposition summary outsourcing is a less expensive option than preparing the summaries in-house.

Independent Medical Evaluation: An Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) is a detailed report prepared by a doctor who has not previously been engaged in a person's treatment and has examined and reviewed all of the patient's medical records, diagnostic tests, and testimony from other physicians involved in the case.

Life Care planning: A Life Care Plan is a crucial review when an individual's injury is serious enough to impair their capacity to do everyday tasks. If a person utilizes a cane, walker, or wheelchair for movement, they will need a Life Care Plan.

Medical Billing Summary: A Billing Summary can be submitted to an insurance claims adjuster prior to litigation to ensure that they have a thorough grasp of the treatment and medical expenditures when deciding on a settlement range.

Medical Record Sorting & Bookmarking: We organize the disorganized medical records in the way you desire. We specialize in organizing medical records by chronological occurrences (date-wise), provider, and service categories. We may also custom-sort the medical records according to your preferences.

Why Outsource Medical Record Review Services to MLR LLC?

Some reasons to work with us include-

Affordable Pricing: Our medical record evaluation services are quite affordable. You can easily collaborate with us for quality services.

Maintain Confidentiality and Secrecy: All your medical records are secured with the help of a cloud-based server. And we strictly follow HIPPA Compliance.

Tailored Products: Upon client needs, the services are modified based on their firm’s template if needed.

Free Cost Estimate: We provide a free cost estimate for each case, and we will start our work once we get an approval from your end.

1 Week Turnaround Time: We will deliver the work product within a week of your estimate approval.



Our medical reviewers are professionals that specialize in medical, non-medical, and legal documentation, as well as legal nurse consultants. We offer complete medical record review solutions, as well as reliable medical record summaries.