Medical Record Summarization Services – Medical Chronologies and Summaries

Medical Record Summarization

A medical record summary is an organized document that provides extensive information on a patient's health to healthcare providers. Medical record summarization indicates and highlights medical information which helps legal experts in identifying the case's strengths and weaknesses.

Based on a thorough evaluation of the patient's medical records, we generate concise or comprehensive medical record summaries that include all pertinent information about the patient's numerous medical interactions.

Medico Legal Request LLC provides simple and comprehensive medical record summarization services for the insurance, healthcare, and legal industries.


Types of Summaries Included in our Service

  • Narrative medical summary

  • Medical chronology and timelines

  • Comprehensive medical summary

  • Medical record indexing and sorting

We also provide custom medical record summary services based on your firm’s medical summary template.


Understanding Medical Records Summarization

Medical records summarization refers to the process of reducing a patient’s extensive medical records into a concise, thorough, and easy-to-understand summary. This may contain information such as a patient’s diagnoses, medications, allergies, treatments, test results, and so on. Medical record summarization can help healthcare providers quickly access important information about a patient’s health history, reducing the time spent searching through massive medical records and improving patient care.


Who benefits from medical record summarization?

  • Healthcare providers

  • Insurance and law firms

  • Medico-legal consultants

  • Independent medical examiners

  • Independent paralegals

  • Peer-reviewers

The medical record summary's primary advantage is that it organizes a vast amount of data into a more streamlined manner that makes it simple to extract relevant information. This service makes it easier and faster for healthcare stakeholders to obtain information.

Our team can provide a medical record narrative summary or a concise chronological summary in timeline form. We reduce the resources used for summarization, saving both money and time.



Medico Legal Request LLC offers fast-paced medical record summary services to transform patient records into tailored textual summaries based on client requirements. Medical summarization services are a boon to the healthcare industry. We offer the greatest services if you're looking for precise, timely medical records summary services.

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