Deposition Summary Services

Free up Staff, reduce litigation cost – Just $25/hr for deposition summary services.

Deposition Summary Services

Medico Legal Request LLC provides deposition summary services to law firms, individual attorneys, and paralegals to assist them in better preparing for trial without having to summarise the full deposition on their own. Creating a deposition summary can be a lengthy process. When you outsource deposition summary services, you save a lot of time that you may use on other critical case-related responsibilities.

Our deposition summary service comprises a thorough analysis of all deposition transcripts related to a particular case. We have a team of experts who can condense hours of deposition testimony into a succinct summary that can save lawyers hours of time and thousands of dollars in legal expenses. Dates, figures, names, and exhibits are all meticulously recorded. We keep track of important events and actions.

The key points of our Deposition Summary Services

  • Drafting depositions relevant to the client's case
  • Identifying and analyzing depositions
  • Highlights key events and actions
  • Analysis of key issues
  • Ensuring conformity with the law firms to maintain standards
  • Precise page/line format with topic headers
  • Ability to adapt to your preferred format.

Are you looking to outsource deposition summaries in order to efficiently evaluate the depositions? If yes, we can assist with precise, succinct, and insightful deposition summaries.

Types of deposition summaries

  • Page line deposition summary
  • Topic-by-Topic deposition summary
  • Chronological deposition summary

Deposition summaries are a necessary component of litigation services because they reduce the burden on litigators of having to sift through the huge volume of deposition pages. Nationwide, we provide accurate deposition summaries to hundreds of paralegals and attorneys to cut their workload in half.

Salient features of our Deposition Transcript Summary

  • Flexible deposition summary templates
  • Expertise in summarizing in a clear, concise format
  • Summaries help a lot in pre-trial preparation
  • Reducing the time spent by the reviewer
  • Ability to handle high-volume deposition transcripts
  • 40-50% cost savings
  • Complete confidentiality & accuracy
  • 1 Week turnaround time
  • Free cost estimate

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