Medical Chronologies and Timeline Summaries

Free up Staff, reduce litigation cost – Just $25/hr for Medical Chronology Services.

Medical Chronology Services

A Medical Chronology/Summary is a record of medical events in the order of their occurrence. This entails sifting through hundreds of pages of medical documents to identify, locate, review, and interpret relevant information from the medical records. We summarize and highlight legally and medically significant points that are critical tools at various phases of the case discovery process.

Medical record chronologies are time and cost-saving tool for all types of cases, including personal injury, medical malpractice, nursing homes, worker's compensation, mass tort, and product liability. Our medical chronology services help busy attorneys spend less time reviewing records and more time optimizing productivity and building a winning case.

The key points of our Medical Record Chronology

  • We sort, organize, and categorize the medical records in chronological order
  • Accurately captures the medical record dates, procedures, treatment and other customized data fields
  • The most important points and case-related issues are highlighted in different colors
  • Case strengths and weaknesses are reviewed and identified
  • Missing medical records are identified and communicated
  • If a chronology needs to be updated at any time, we just add the new information by building on the work that has already been done
  • Flexible medical record chronology templates
  • Approximate charge for  500 pages of medical records is $250 (10 hours)

We summarize the patient’s medical history in chronological order, including the date, name of the provider, type of office visit, and so on. The original medical record is cross-referenced with every piece of medical data. Our chronological medical summaries save paralegals and attorneys time by highlighting key medical facts and deviations from the standard of treatment in a particular medical malpractice case.

As part of a review of medical records, creating an accurate, concise medical chronology can be challenging. But our nurses and physician team make it simple! Depending on client requirements, our experts present the medical chronology in different formats. We also work on your firm’s medical chronology template as well.

Salient features of our Medical Chronology Services

  • Can be customized to suit your needs
  • Reducing the time spent by the reviewer
  • Focused, condensed and precise
  • Unbiased, fact-based, and insightful
  • Easy-to-read and interpret
  • 1 week turnaround time
  • Free cost estimate
  • Free missing medical records identification
  • Free Bookmarks & Hyperlinks

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